Sigtuna Literature Festival is growing

12-11-15 Since the start, the vision has been very clear: by 2020, Sigtuna Literature Festival will be Scandinavia's leading literature festival. The opening day in August became a success. 1300 enthusiastic attendants came to take part in Sigtuna’s literature festival premiere. And even more people were attending through a global live stream. Now we take a step even further and extend Sigtuna Literature Festival 2013 to a two day long event in August 17-18. Both international and national writers stand on the agenda.

The first Sigtuna literature festival

On August 18th 2012, Sigtuna held it’s first full literature festival this time hosting 42 events in a single day. Media were targeted in northern Stockholm and Uppsala, both cities within 45 minutes, to create awareness. The result: 1300 people attended the event at 8 GBP per ticket.