Live recordings from 2015 with Masha Gessen and Fiona Sampson

Some of the conversations during the Sigtuna Literature Festival has been recoded live. In English we have record Masha Gessen and Fiona Sampson.


Opposition and struggle in today’s Russia
– meet the author and journalist Masha Gessen

In a conversation with Björn Wiman, Head of Culture at Dagens Nyheter, Masha Gessen discusses the developments in Russia, the lack of democratic rights and the state of the opposition in Russia today.


Poetry reading and a conversation about poetry’s role in society
– meet the poet and author Fiona Sampson

Meet Fiona Sampson in a conversation about poetry. Hear her read her own poems and reflect upon poetry’s role in society.


To write in Putins Russia
– Masha Gessen in a conversation with her Swedish publisher Dorotea Bromberg

What is it like to work as a writer or journalist in Russia today? What obstacles are encountered and what risks are the writers exposed to? Here, the Russian American author, journalist and former editor Masha Gessen talks about her journalistic experiences from Putin’s Russia, a country where censorship is commonplace and journalists are silenced.

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