Sigtuna Literature Festival is growing

Sigtuna Literature Festival extends to two days in August 2013

Since the start, the vision has been very clear: by 2020, Sigtuna Literature Festival will be Scandinavia’s leading literature festival. The opening day in August 2012 became a success. 1300 enthusiastic attendants came to take part in Sigtuna’s literature festival premiere. And even more people were attending through a global live stream.  Now we take a step even further and extend Sigtuna Literature Festival 2013 to a two day long event in August 17-18. Both international and national writers stand on the agenda.

The ambition is that Sigtuna will become the leading literary festival town in Sweden, a natural place where considerable subjects are being discussed and share thoughts and new ideas. The leading words for next year act as a clear guideline: quality, intimacy and valuable.

To get inspiration we broadened our vision to the leading country of literature festivals: United Kingdom. Edinburgh Festival and Cheltenham are international pioneers among prestigious festivals. The cities are annually being visited by Nobel laureates, scientists, musicians and famous historians. Destination Sigtuna became inspired at the great opportunity for benchmarking and new impressions these cities represent. Consequently, Destination Sigtuna took off to the prestigious cities to meet the festival organizers in person. The visits have given Destination Sigtuna the tools to keep the festival at the cutting edge of literature festivals. We are proud and excited to showcase our new foiund knowledge during the 2013 Sigtuna Literature Festival.

Sigtuna Literature Festival is a collaboration between Destination Sigtuna, Sigtuna Foundation and Tällberg Foundation. The vision is that by 2020, Sigtuna Literature Festival will be Scandinavia’s leading literature festival.

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