Sigtuna, Where Sweden begins

Established in 970AD, Sigtuna is Sweden’s first town and is renowned for having more runic stones than any other in Scandinavia, and hence the world. Runic stones can be seen as a viking form of twitter, with a limited writing space, where the writers left information on themselves and of significant events. Surprisingly for many, the runic stones were created on the cusp of christianities arrival in Sweden and many of the markings incorporated early christian symbols. In the year 995 King Olof Skötkonung minted the first coins, using latin,  based on an English design with help from English coin makers.

Sweden’s oldest surviving written document, the so-called Vibybrevet from 1164, is a letter concerning a dispute between a mother and a son regarding land just to the north of Sigtuna. The letter marks the way society and views on private ownership were changing.

Since then numerous authors have recieved scholarships, coming to Sigtuna as a place to rest, enjoy recreation and as a place to write. In addition Sigtuna has just become an ICORN city, giving refuge to writers, as a practical contribution to the promotion of Freedom of Expression.


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